Rebuffini Performance RR108 Radial Brake Caliper


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Rebuffini Performance RR108 Radial Brake Caliper

RR108 billet radial brake calipers come from the understanding that the customer, in addition to desiring the best look, wants to have an outstanding, high quality product.

Rebuffini invested in the best technology, highest quality precision CNC machining, durability and reliability tests, to obtain an extraordinary product in performance and beauty. The outstanding rigidity and the greatest braking feeling are perfect for the V-Twins enthusiast.

The brake calipers of most manufacturers are not tied to the center therefore at the moment of braking, especially on ABS models, they tend to expand and disperse braking power. This is the substantial difference that the tests carried out have found. Only the Rebuffini caliper, fixed with 4 screws in precise points, allows the perfect rigidity and the best braking performance.


Multiple fixing points guarantee maximum rigidity. Excellent for ABS models.

The 4 stainless steel pistons ø32 mm permit good heat dissipation.

•The proven construction technique includes the oil seals and the dust shields too. Most aftermarket calipers have only the oil seals. Only the best calipers have both. The dust shields permit to protect the pistons from dust and dirt so the oil seals have a long life and the pistons work correctly for long time. Perfect functioning of the caliper is guaranteed.

Equipped with sintered pads with a friction surface of 27±1cm². 

Rebuffini products have a strong recognized value: “The Best Industry Surface Treatment”. All parts are highly hand polished before anodizing.
Anodizing is long lasting also at high temperatures. Vivid colour is forever. Colour will not fade. 


RR108 radial brake caliper 4 pistons /108mm /offset 22.5mm

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

Right, Left


Black, Red, Blue


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