Bel Ray Dirt & Grime Remover Chain Cleaner


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Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner is formulated to clean the most stubborn dirt and grime from motorcycle chains. This product is safe on all o-ring materials and is designed to clean the dirtiest chains. With Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner’s high powered solvent and high pressure combination, cleaning any chain is quick and easy. No residue is left behind after use, so fresh chain lubricant can be applied directly after using Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner.   No residue ensures optimum performance of chains. Can apply new chain lube directly after use. Fast and economical removal of grease, grime and dirt from chains Easy to use aerosol spray applicator permits pinpoint precision for best results in difficult to reach areas.  Leaves no mess to clean. O, X and Z-ring safe for all common o-ring materials found in chains   For cleaning dirt, oil, grease or gummy petroleum residue from chains. Will not discolor metals, paint and other finishes.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Be sure that the engine is not running before cleaning the chain. Using the included straw, pinpoint the spray Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner directly onto the chain and in the linkages if necessary. Let the product penetrate for a few seconds, and spray again to blow out the dissolved dirt and grime.  Allow the chain at least 1 minute to dry before applying new chain lubricant.

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