Imzz Elite Signature DIAMOND STITCH Step-Up Seat for 2018-2020 Softail FatBob FXFB/FXFBS


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Imzz Elite Signature DIAMOND STITCH Step-Up Seat for 2018-2020 Softail FatBob FXFB/FXFBS

From the early days of the Wheelie King to present day, Saddlemen® has been there to support talented riders with purpose built equipment to help them push the limits of both man and machine. The latest creation born out of this relationship is the Saddlemen® Step-Up seat. A beautiful blend of the rider and passenger comfort you have come to expect from Saddlemen® combined with ergonomics required to keep the rider locked in place providing the highest level of bike control available in an aftermarket Harley-Davidson seat.

Don’t take our word for it, just ask the guys over at Unknown Industries. These talented riders have been pushing the limits of their purpose built HD motorcycles for years. If you are not already familiar with these guys they can be found performing in Monster Energy’s latest V-twin productions or locally at rallies like Sturgis. No matter where you see them, you will notice that they only ride Saddlemen® seats.

  • Designed and made in the USA.
  • Features our Signature Warbird logo on the passenger rear
  • The seat combines a Gel-Core interior and Ultra-Foam that creates a foam that is a perfect balance of rigidity and user compliance.
  • Ultra-Foam unique molding process creates an element-resistant self-skinning process that seals the foam from water and enhances the seat’s durability as well as comfort.
  • The Co-molded Gel-Core is the largest comfort advancement in motorcycle seating since the creation of the suspension.
  • Rock it with Saddlemen’s® lattice stitch design.
  • If you are looking for the ultimate performance upgrade, look no further
  • Installs easily with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions included.

Please allow 20-25 business days for building your custom seat, from scratch, by hand. If you want any customizations (multiple thread colors, multiple fabrics, carbon fiber, etc.) please leave those details in the order notes at checkout.

*This is our signature seat with our signature Warbird logo. Please don’t ask to have the seat made without our logo. We will not honor these requests as that no longer makes this our “Signature” seat.

CoverTech SaddleHyde Technology:

The ideal cover for a motorcycle must exhibit many features, and Saddlemen utilizes the best material, Saddlehyde™, which provides the optimum combination of good looks, comfort and durability. First, Saddlehyde™, has a luxurious look and feel due to its leather grain and soft touch feel. Second, Saddlehyde™ has a built in compliance, or stretch, that enhances the gel and foam characteristics for increased comfort. Many other materials, including many leathers, are more board like and prevent the foam or gel from doing their job of softening your ride. Third, motorcycle seats are exposed to some of the worst conditions imaginable; bright sun, heat, rain and constant flexing, conditions that ruin the looks and durability of ordinary materials. Saddlehyde™ excels in these conditions and constant application of conditioners is not required.

ComfortFoam, Co-Molded Technology:

Our unique Co-mold process is the largest comfort advancement in motorcycle seating since the creation of the suspension.

The Cushion Layer

The top sculpted layer is the sensory layer. It cushions and provides that nice soft touch.

The Absorption Layer

The middle layer isolates vibration, absorbs and dampens shock, disperses the pressure and promotes blood flow which alleviates hot spots created by foam only seating solutions.

The Support Layer

The bottom layer “the shell” is the stability layer. The polyurethane substructure completes the seating foundation to provide a truly unique riding experience.

SaddleGel, Proprietary Polymers:

Scientifically proven, this amazing product will increase the amount of time you spend on your motorcycle. A seat made with SaddleGel is scientifically engineered to dampen, divert and deflect the energy from road shock which air bladders and 70 year old foam only seat technology cannot protect you from.

Our SaddleGel has the ability to conform to all body shapes, sizes, and contours to reduce pressure points and promote blood flow which minimizes “hot spots “associated the pain and discomfort.

Otherwise, pressure points or “hot spots” can hinder blood flow, causing pain and discomfort. Normal circulation is never lost on a seat with SaddleGel and it keeps you comfortable on a long ride.

UltraFoam, High Impact Formula/Foam Barrier – Element Shield Technology:

Unlike most foam that has open holes at the surface, Saddlemen’s Profoam actually has an abrasion resistant skin that resists water intrusion. This barrier is engineered to form during the molding process and protects the micro cellular foam core from breaking down, which is common with many OEM and aftermarket seats.


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 12 in
Seat Color

Black, Whisper Brown, Cork Brown, Other (specify in notes)

Stitching Style

Diamond stitching Front Only, Diamond Stitching Front and Rear (passenger)

Stitching Color

Black, Gold, Red, Blue, White, Grey, Orange, Purple, Other (specify in notes)

Lumbar option

Diamond Stitch, Diamond Stitch Gripper, Tuck N Roll, Tuck N Roll Gripper


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